When it comes to Kansas City area Catholic Schools, St. Pats is pretty high tech.  Between the work and generosity of our parish members and school families, St. Pats has been able to achieve some amazing goals when it comes to education and technology.

  • Computer Lab: St. Patrick’s is the only Catholic school in the region with a completely student built computer lab. Every desktop computer in the lab, and several more desktop computers around the campus, and at the church were designed and built by the students of the school.
  • Internet:  In 2014, St. Patrick’s (along with other schools in the KC Metro area) was placed on the list to receive Google Fiber, a type of ultra high speed internet connection that is faster then over 90% of all other internet connections in the world.
  • Laptops: Thanks to a donation from Cerner Corporation, St. Pats has been 1 to 1 with students and Google Chromebooks in grades 3 through 8th since the 2014/2015 school year.
  • Wireless: In 2012 St. Pats highly upgraded it’s wireless internet infrastructure with high powered Cisco wireless access points throughout the campus and across all buildings.  Each summer since, the wireless capabilities of the school and parish have been increased to ensure full coverage no matter where you are within a campus or church building.  In the near future, wireless access points will be expanded further, bringing wireless internet to all of our outdoor learning and gathering spaces.
  • Inner Fiber Connectivity:  All school and church buildings are connected to each other via ultra high speed, underground fiber cables that ensure all staff members and students have full access to the internet and school servers.
  • Clubs: Between the iGeneration Tech Club, the St. Pats AV Club, and the St. Pats Robotics club, students have the option to take their technology education further, learning about the technologies of the future, ensuring that St. Pats students are ready to meet the challenges they will face in high school and beyond.
  • Operating Systems: Students at St. Pats learn technology and receive their standard education on multiple technology platforms and computer operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Google Chrome OS, Linux Mint and others.
  • Coding/Programming: Between standard technology classes and tech based clubs like Robotics, the students of St. Pats begin to learn the basics of coding and programming as early as second grade and continue to learn about it until they graduate the eighth grade. Utilizing sites like Code.org, Freecodecamp.org and others, students learn basic HTML, HTML5, CSS, Applied Visual Design, Javascript, Python, C++ and more.