Special (Current Year) Gifts

Donors often choose to give to St. Patrick as a memorial gift for a loved one or as a celebratory gift in honor of an anniversary, special birthday, or other significant milestone. We welcome your tax-deductible gifts to our General Fund or our endowment. Quite often, an employer will match a charitable gift, in some cases doubling the donation.

Types of Gifts:

  • Cash or Check
  • Pledge of Cash Gifts
  • Charitable IRA Rollover
  • Stocks or Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Real Estate
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD’s)


Gift Designation:

St. Patrick General Fund

(An unrestricted gift to be used in the current year)

This fund supports the operating budget of St. Patrick, including  salaries, building repairs, utilities, and other ongoing expenses. Gifts received for this fund will likely be used during the year the gift was received.

To donate to the General Fund:
1) Please make your check out to “St. Patrick Catholic Church, Kansas City, Missouri.”
2) If you are transferring or selling appreciated stocks or mutual funds for the General Fund, please also you may find this information helpful.

St. Patrick Endowment

(An unrestricted gift to be invested in an Endowment for funding the parish in the future)

The Endowment is a professionally managed portfolio of funds into which donations will be invested. Annually, the interest from the corpus will help fund unrestricted needs of the parish, including capital purchases and repairs, school and equipment purchases.

To donate to our St. Patrick Parish Endowment:
1) Please make your check out to “St. Patrick  Endowment Fund”.
2) If you are transferring or selling appreciated stocks or mutual funds for the Parish Endowment, please contact the parish office, lambrobin@rocketmail.com.


Employee Matching Gifts:

If you are employed and intend to make a special gift to the parish or school, we ask that you look into your employer’s policy, with regard to “Matching Gifts.” Sometimes those “matches” are monetary, and sometimes companies allow their employees to take paid time off so that they may volunteer in the community. It may take a little extra “time & talent” to secure these benefits, but it could potentially end up doubling your gifts.