Planned Giving

A Planned Gift costs you nothing today and gives you the power to continue making a difference at St. Patrick long after you are gone. You maintain full control of your assets during your lifetime, ready to respond to your needs or the needs of your family. Yet your gift becomes a living legacy of your stewardship and concern for the future of our parish community.

We ask you to let us know when you have included St. Patrick in your future giving plans. Please provide as much information as you are comfortable.

Gift Structure:

  • Designate St. Patrick as the beneficiary (or partial beneficiary) of your IRA, life insurance policy, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, real estate property, or Certificates of Deposit (CD’s).
  • Make a charitable bequest through your living trust or will. Gifts may be made:
    1) In a specific dollar amount
    2) A percentage of your estate
    3) A specific asset

Types of Gifts:

  • Liquid Assets
  • IRA
  • Stocks or Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Real Estate
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Gift Designation:

St. Patrick General Fund

(An unrestricted gift to be used in the current year)
This fund supports the operating budget of St. Patrick, including  salaries, building repairs, utilities, and other ongoing expenses. Gifts received for this fund will likely be used during the year the gift was received.

St. Patrick Endowment

(An unrestricted gift to be invested in an Endowment for funding the parish in the future)
St. Patrick Endowment is a professionally managed portfolio of funds into which donations will be invested. The interest from the corpus will help fund unrestricted needs of the parish, including capital purchases and repairs, school and equipment purchases.

To discuss your Planned Giving for St. Patrick:

Please call Fr. Robert Stewart (816)453-5510 or