Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to get involved with our parish:

Transitional Housing:  This year St. Patrick’s has partnered with Hillcrest Hope to sponsor transitional housing to assist folks in regaining stability. Our parishioners provide financial counseling, home repairs, meals and greeting cards, and other gestures of good will and solidarity with those struggling to begin anew. If you are interested in joining our parish group, please contact parishioner Sheila Lillis at irishlill63@gmail.com.

Food Kitchens:  Volunteers are needed to work at the Holy Family Worker House on the fourth Sunday of each month and at St. James Place on the fifth Monday of the month. Contact parishioner Mary Purnell at 816-429-7302.

Funeral Team:  The funeral team is in need or volunteers to make a dish for funeral luncheons. All names are rotated so you will not be called too often. If you are interested in joining the team, please call parishioner Mary Burk at 816-510-7177 or email at cruisincancun@gmail.com.

Parish Garden:  We are looking for help over the summer with our garden. If you would like to volunteer to water and care for our garden, please contact parishioner Dana Nolan at the school, 816-453-0971.

Food Pantry:  We welcome assistance with our Nottingham Society Food Pantry. For info on helping with this ministry, please contact parishioner Mary Burk at 816-510-7177.

Liturgical Ministry:  If you would like to explore the possibility of being an altar server, Eucharistic minister, or lector, please contact our liturgist, Robin Lamb, at 816-453-5510 x219.