El Salvador Mission

photo 3 (12)After the earthquakes of of 2001 in El Salvador, St. Patrick parish sent a delegation to support the rebuilding effort.  The delegation visited the rural community of Estanzuelas, where the Mayor shared “If you bring us rice and beans, it will feed a family for a day.  But they will be back tomorrow, asking for more, and I won’t have anything to give them.  Instead, educate our youth, and then the people will have the ability to find solutions to their own problems.”  That, he said, will advance the dreams of a better life for all the community.
Ever since, St. Patrick, working with CIS (https://www.facebook.com/cis.elsalvador), a local organization supporting solidarity and cultural exchange, has seen the fruits of this wisdom by influencing change in Estanzuelas through education.  Over the last decade, we have helped over 400 students graduate from high school and 9 students graduate university–very few of which would have been able to without our support.  The students have helped change the reality in their community by developing youth programs around important topics like social responsibility, protecting the environment, culture, social media, among others.  Our graduates play important roles in the community from supporting their families to holding positions in city government, emergency preparedness, national news media, architecture and education.
St. Patrick’s mission is two fold:  1) providing economic support to fund educational scholarships and 2) building relationship between our communities.  This second aspect of our mission involves regular delegations and education within the parish to help others understand the challenges of daily life in other parts of the world.
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