Ethics & Integrity in Ministry

Each of us has a personal responsibility to help foster environments that exhibit Christ’s concern for the inherent dignity of all people.  The Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) is a code of conduct that guides all our members – clergy, employees and volunteers, to help us behave in ethical ways.  We strive to remain above reproach in our dealings with one another, and affirmation of the EIM provides common ground for us to evaluate how we are in relationship with one another.
If you volunteer within our community, as a catechist, coach, liturgical minister, etc., you are asked to review the EIM, and affirm the culture of respect and safety that the document promotes.    Click here to read the EIM.
There are three options for reviewing and endorsing the EIM:
If you have already taken “Protecting God’s Children”…
Anyone who has taken Protecting God’s Children and registered online can login at and find that the first link under their Toolbox tab is Ethics and Integrity in Ministry. Click this link and follow instructions to read, answer questions and commit to the EIM.
If you have not taken “Protecting God’s Children”…

Click here and register:

  1. Select begin the registration process
  2. Select Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO (Diocese)
  3. Create a user ID and password
  4. Fill out contact information
  5. Select locations where you work or volunteer
  6. Select your role(s) at your location(s)
  7. Answer the 3 questions (are you parent/guardian of child under age 18, etc.)
  8. Select if you are 18 or older
  9. You are directed to the EIM. Follow the directions to read, answer questions and commit to the EIM.
  10. Answer yes or no to “Have you already attended Protecting God’s Children?” If yes, input the location and select Complete Registration. If no, you’re taken to a page with available sessions. Either select a session or leave the options blank (if you are not required to attend and do not want to attend a session) and scroll to the bottom of that page and select Complete Registration.
If you would like a hard copy of the EIM, you may pick one up in the parish or school office.

If you have questions about the EIM, contact our Safe Environment Coordinator (SEC), Mrs. Jean Folken at 816-453-0971 x113