Good morning St. Patrick families, I hope you are enjoying your summer break!  We are working hard here to prepare for the upcoming school year, and I am already excited.  🙂 Please see the link below for my message this week.  A VERY important item of note is that the parish is expecting all school families to move to online tithe/tuition this year.  While this might cause some frustration, I hope you find it’s a more convenient method of payment for everyone involved.  It’s important to the parish that, as we move towards a financially sound future, we create easier means of tracking and collecting school tuition and tithe payments.  Through research, we have found that most parishes and schools have moved to the online payment method and have found great success, so we are hopeful that this brings us the same. We are also working hard to set up ways to make paying online for things like lunch, field trips, and other fees more convenient for you and hope to have those methods in place this fall.  Many good things happening to, hopefully, make your life easier! Next week, I will be off on an adventure with my kids as we celebrate a Senior Trip for my daughter, but I will be back in the office on Monday, June 11th.   Thank you, Kaci Monaghan Principal St. Patrick School Check out my newsletter here: