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Dear St. Patrick families,

What a week this has been! There is nothing quite better than having Halloween on a Tuesday.
Wednesday was interesting around here to say the least, but we absolutely survived and pushed on through to finish the week strong!

Second quarter is always a challenging quarter at school. With Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break thrown in there, it feels as if the quarter flies by. Add on Christmas program practices, service days, and field trips, and the teachers find themselves in a mad rush to keep up. This is a great time to remind your child to stay organized.

I’ve had many conversations with students over the last couple of weeks about using a planner to write down their assignments. I can tell you firsthand that if I don’t write something down, it leaves my mind about 2 seconds after it entered. The students are telling me that they are having the same problems. Second quarter is a great time to start fresh and get on top of things. Below, I have listed a couple of tips for staying organized.

  1. Set up a family wipe-off calendar at home. Each month, start by writing down the important dates you know ahead of time. Then once a week, have your child write down when any assignments are due or when tests will be given. This creates a wonderful visual for the entire family. (I used this in my home and can tell you, we would not survive without it!)
  2. Create a homework station. Find a space in your home where the kids can go to complete homework. This can also be the place where all supplies can be kept and files can be created to store any important papers.
  3. Be sure your child has a planner to write down all assignments. Check the planner nightly to ensure work is being completed on time. Have your child mark off assignments as he/she finishes.
  4. Be sure your child has a folder that he/she can use to bring home any loose leaf assignments or other important school papers.
  5. Remind your student to use his/her planner at the end of the day to decide what items need to go home. This is a habit that will save a lot of time and trouble! Everyone at St. Patrick School wants your child to be successful, and by working together, we know that each child can and will find success! Staying organized and on top of assignment due dates is one major step in this success. We want our students to gain independence and responsibility, but we also know that they are still young kids. As adults, we struggle to remember everything all of the time, so it’s important that we do what we can to help our students master these skills now.

Kaci Monaghan