Children’s Faith Formation

All children Kindergarten through 8th grade are invited.  We meet Sunday mornings from 9:40-10:50 AM.



St. Patrick’s Children and Family Faith Formation recognizes and reinforces the understanding that parents are the primary faith models for their children. We seek to complement their guidance and example as an important and essential element on the journey of faith of all parish children. In the context of the journey of faith, the central aim of the program is to deepen the child’s understanding and awareness of God and  to impart the truths of our faith.  Thus, CFF and FFF have both formational and informational qualities.

It is formational in seeking to offer the child a living example of  the faith and spirituality reflective of their baptismal call to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Through their growing awareness of the presence of God in our world  and in their personal life story, the child is encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer and worship.  As this individual faith awareness grows however, it must develop in the context of our communal story, the story of the Catholic Church.  Thus, our faith is presented progressively through a study of the sacraments, the Bible and our basic Catholic teachings.

Children’s Faith Formation regards attendance at weekend Mass as an  essential and foundational element of family faith formation. While  faith can be fostered at home and developed in faith sessions, without the nourishment of weekly liturgy at the Table of the Word and the Table of Holy Eucharist with our parish family, it will not grow and mature in the way envisioned by our baptismal promises. Children’s Faith Formation is structured in a manner that reflects each child’s capacity to understand and incorporate its teaching in the  life.

Our intent is to always lead each child to Christ.

We also recognize that with all that is being done for children in the area of faith formation in our parish, there is the spiritual  journey of the adult parent.  Parish ministries at St. Patrick work together to nurture the faith needs of adults as well as what is being done for the children.  For those families who have been active in CFF-FFF at St. Patrick, a continued effort remains to bridge religious faith formation from a child-centered catechetical faith process to a family-centered catechetical faith process, a catechesis of child and parent. Parents are ever more fully and inclusively involved in the faith formation of their children as they partner with catechists, and compliment ongoing faith formation in the home.

Family Commitment

As a church, we are here to support and encourage the development of  your children’s, and ultimately, your family’s growth in the Catholic  faith.  This cannot be done unless you, as parent(s), make a commitment to the faith.  Ensure that your family is celebrating Mass each week and attending faith formation sessions.  Celebrating the Eucharist each week with your  parish family is central to the life of the Catholic family.   Experiencing and celebrating liturgy is one of the major components in personal faith formation.  Your children learn the Eucharist in faith sessions, and your  children experience Eucharist as a family each weekend celebrating Mass.  Children who do not participate in these two very important aspects of our faith each week are truly missing out on a major part of our Catholic heritage.  Jesus gave us His Body and Blood at the Last Supper. He calls you to  bring your children to the Table of the Lord and celebrate as a parish community every weekend.  Remember your promise to Christ and to His  Church when you asked your child to be baptized.  Surely this is where we draw our strength!  Allow Christ to manifest Himself in your family!

Family Faith Formation

The CFF schedule includes special  Sundays for the whole family to experience faith formation together!  On those Sundays parents accompany their child/children to CFF and share  their faith. This is also a wonderful way to celebrate community and  get to know other families.  Share your talents and gifts, have faith-filled fun learning as a family and nurture the relationship  your family has with Christ.  You can download the Children’s Faith Formation schedule or family handbook here:  2017-2018 CFF Schedule  2017-2018 CFF Family Handbook.

With Christ we welcome your family to St. Patrick CFF!

Director, Ms. Jean Folken – 816-453-0971  x113