Parish History

Saint Patrick Catholic Parish and Church in North Kansas City, Missouri was established July 1, 1924 by Bishop Francis Gillfillen. Reverend William F. Gott served as pastor of this new parish. It included south and east Platte County to the Missouri River. Mass was celebrated at a Knights of Columbus hut in North Kansas City and a Chapel at Deister’s Junction, situated half way between Kansas City and St. Joseph, Missouri. Lots on Iron Street from 24th to 25th streets were purchased in 1929 and a basement church facing Iron was built. In 1951 a school addition over the church was built. This served as St. Patrick Church for 30 years, until another church/school was built in 1960 on the 42nd Street property.

That newly built school & gym at our present location was used with the gym as our church for thirty six years.

In 1979 the building that presently houses our parish offices was built as a residence for the priests that served the parish.

On October 28, 1995 we dedicated our new church used solely for the purpose of worship. Then on June 2, 1996 the “gym” remodeling was complete and finally used for it’s original purpose of parish center/gym. The summer of 2007 St. Patrick School and Early Childhood Center has undergone some extensive upgrades and renovations thanks to the generosity of parishioners and friends. The project includes an elevator to assist young and old alike better access to the church and school.

There can be no greater witness to the presence of Christ in our world that the constant growth of the church. Through these past 81 years, through our humble beginnings in North Kansas City, the people of St. Patrick continue to show their faith, hope and love of God and all mankind.

Today, St. Patrick Parish continues its ethnic diversity while celebrating its oneness in mission. We share a belief in and a fundamental commitment to Jesus Christ and the following of His Gospel. As a people, we are called to share our blessings with one another and the broader community. Today, just as in the past we celebrate God’s presence in our lives through the Eucharist, prayer and service.