Mission & Philosophy


The mission of St. Patrick School is to provide a rich and child-centered educational environment, where all students experience the living presence of Jesus; and where each individual student is led to attain his/her highest level of academic excellence.


The Three R’s


Rigorous Curriculum

As an educational community, we are committed to ongoing school improvement, maintaining dual accreditation through MNSAA (Missouri Nonpublic School Accrediting Association) and NCA-CASI (North Central Associated Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement)/AdvancEd.

We set yearly goals for student achievement, based on standardized tests and other data.  Our curriculum meets and exceeds Missouri State Standards and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  Educational resources and training include research-based best practices of the highest quality possible.  Student learning is ensured through authentic, active engagement in challenging lessons, designed and implemented by highly qualified teachers.  Our faculty participates in continuous staff development in order to provide innovative and motivating lessons for students.


Relevant Programs

An essential piece of a Saint Patrick School education is our commitment to providing students with learning opportunities they would not otherwise experience.  While all of our students receive instruction in the fine arts, physical education, and technology, we also provide a variety of in-school and extracurricular programs.  Through a partnership with St. Pius X High School, we offer weekly instruction to eighth graders in French language and culture.  At the primary level, teachers reinforce basic skills with their students, using in-depth thematic units, called Exploration Stations.  Intermediate students participate in Genius Hour each week and are introduced to architecture, engineering, and other fields of interest.  Middle School students enjoy Cranium Connections, a weekly period during which they may participate in ACT prep classes, or experience astronomy, photography, community gardening, etc.


Roman Catholic Values

At Saint Patrick School, the presence of Jesus Christ is apparent in every classroom.  Through daily instruction in our faith, weekly student-led Masses, and periodic school-wide liturgies, students build relationships with Jesus Christ and with one another.  As Catholics we are dedicated to helping others and promoting social justice.  Each year 6th graders experience first-hand knowledge about issues affecting the poor and elderly through the program, “That’s Not Fair.”  Led by Student Council, all grades consistently participate in service projects aimed at helping those less fortunate.   Our students and teachers respect and care for one another.  Parents partner with us in the mission of educating their children, and we encourage their presence here by providing many on-site volunteer opportunities.  We are a faith-filled family; we enjoy spending time engaging in numerous activities throughout the year that bring together different grade levels, ages, and families.


“From the moment that a student sets foot in a Catholic school, he or she ought to have the impression of entering a new environment, one illumined by the light of faith, and having its own unique characteristics.  The environment must be permeated with the Gospel spirit of love and freedom.”  (Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph website)