Typing Practice At Home

So the first quarter report cards came out and your computer grade maybe wasn’t what you thought it would be.  In most cases this was due to the Typing Progress grade.  Since the typing program was broken last year and we didn’t get as much typing done, many students were a bit rusty.  That was the main reason we didn’t have a first quarter typing test.  We will be having a typing test on December 9th or 12th (depending on the grade level) so for some students, a little extra practice may be needed.

For students still in TypeOnline.co.uk you simply need to head to the site and practice with it for about ten minutes a day.

If you have graduated from TypeOnline and are now in TypeR, it’s not as easy to practice from home.  However we now have an older version of the program that you can use at home.   The home version does not contain the BattleTech passage, but it should have most of the originals.  It works on PC’s, but it may not work on Mac’s.  It will not work on Linux PC’s, Chromebooks, tablets or smart phones.

To download the home version of TypeR, just click this link typer.