Deacons Jim Koger and Mike Lewis preached:  so no homily to post.  Fr. Matthew made the following remarks after Communion to mark Catholic School Week:

In what I consider an under-rated, and under-

used document of Vatican II – The Declaration on

Christian Education – dated October 28, 1965, we


“Parents are, in fact, the first and foremost educators of their children within a family atmosphere animated with love – providing a well-rounded formation.

The family can be called the first school of those social virtues that every society needs.

The Christian family is enriched by the grace of the sacrament of marriage and is the place where children are first taught to know and love God and to know and love their neighbor.

Here they come to understand human companionship, here they are introduced to civic life and here they are initiated into the parish community.”

And I want to say:   WOW – you parents, and grandparents, have a huge role to play in your children’s lives.  And that is why, if you remember, you were given a special blessing at the end of your child’s baptism – because they church realizes how awesome, and difficult, your role is.

And that is why this Church document continues:  “And while the family is basic, it also needs the help of the wider community and society which oversees the work of parents and provides assistance to them.

And while the family and society have these roles, the Church, too, has a role in helping provide the kind of education through which all know Christ and develop their full humanness.”

So parents, and grandparents – you do have an awesome and difficult and important role to play in the lives of your children.  And our parish of St. Patrick is here to help you:

1st – in providing good and meaningful liturgies Sunday after Sunday – that helps shape all of us – adults and children – more and more into the image and likeness of Christ.

2nd – in providing our Children’s Faith Formation on Sunday mornings – that nurtures and develops your child’s sense of faith.

And 3rd – in providing a Catholic School, where every day, your child is challenged, inspired, and empowered in their faith — so they can serve.

As we celebrate Catholic Schools week – may we all realize the important task we all have in passing the faith on from one generation to the next.

May we appreciate the distinct roles all of us have in the task of education and formation.

Let us be thankful for those who give of their time, talent and treasure to support our parish’s role in these endeavors.

And may we be ever thankful for those who dedicate their lives to this ministry in the Church, and in particular – within our parish.


St. Patrick:  pray for us – and as our school children add every morning:  BECAUSE WE NEED IT!